We offer glass doors for IKEA cabinets, however, due to the delicate nature of glass, and because of the many opacity options available we do not include the actual pane of glass with our doors. It is safer and more practical to obtain the glass for the doors locally.

Solid Wood Shaker Glass Doors
Available with 1, 4 and 6 mullions (bars creating separation in the glass)  

DIY Paint Grade Shaker Glass Doors

Available with 1, 4 and 6 mullions (bars creating separation in the glass). These doors will be constructed with a solid Maple Shaker frame, not paint grade MDF.

Acrylic (High-gloss and Matte) and Melamine Glass Doors
Available to accommodate 1 pane of glass

Please note: all glass doors are manufactured in the shaker style - an assembled frame with the center section removed. If you're instead interested in a flat panel with a cutout instead, please contact us. Some parts may be manufactured in a flat panel with a cutout for an additional charge (due to the complexity of creating a custom cutout and the necessity of using more material).

Our glass doors come with rubberized molding for easy instal of your glass panes. We recommend ordering your glass after you've already received your door fronts, so that your local glass manufacturer can verify any measurements.

If you'd like to order the glass ahead of time, you can calculate the size you will need.
All our shaker style doors have rails on the inner side, which take up 1.75" on all sides. So for example, our 18"x40" door would take a glass pane measuring 14.25"x36.25". 

This size is a quarter inch smaller than you'd think, because of two factors:

  • Our doors come 1/8" of an inch smaller than their stated measurements. We call a door 18"x40" to make it easy, but just like IKEA doors, the true measurements are 17 7/8"x39 7/8".
  • You want to also include another 1/8" of clearance for the glass, since sometimes glass panes can have up to a 1/8" variation.
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