We offer grain matching for our natural wood flat panel materials only in both vertical and horizontal configurations. 

Horizontal Grain Matching
Available up to 40" high, due to the maximum size of sheet goods.  Please note, our cover panels will arrive vertically grain matched.

Doors & Drawers
We offer grain-matched doors and drawer faces on runs up to 8’ (the standard length of our veneer panels). 

Trim & Filler Parts
It is industry standard for toe-kicks to be manufactured using horizontal grain regardless of the overall project’s grain direction (i.e. vertical or horizontal). Trim and filler parts are offered in sequence with doors and drawer faces wherever possible, but are not guaranteed. 

Panels & Toe-Kicks
Panels and toe-kicks are not sequenced, but do come from the same batch as the doors, drawer faces, trim and filler. Cover panels will only be vertically grain matched.  On any run of cabinetry longer than 8’, we do our absolute best to continue grain continuity for the additional length, but do not guarantee it. On especially large jobs, more than one batch of veneers may be used.

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