You can use our online estimator. 

  1. Access our online estimator tool via your account dashboard, or selecting "Create an Estimate" from the pricing dropdown.
  2. Name your project and select your system: Sektion, PAX, or Godmorgon.
  3. Save and Continue.
  4. Optional: Upload your IKEA plan. If you are using a grain matched product and/or want us to review your plan prior to ordering, we will need to see your plan.
  5. Save and Continue.
  6. Select the Material Category you're interested in, then select the Material Type. (You can change this later.)
  7. Select Add a Part. Refer to your IKEA plan to determine the cabinet number. Fill out the part information, including part type, hinge (if it's a grain matched product), dimensions, and quantity. Add notes if needed, then add the part to your list.
  8. Add as many parts as you need per your IKEA plan. Save as often as you need to. Don't forget to add toe kicks, panels, fillers, and deco strips as needed.
  9. Save and Continue. Add any appliance fillers you haven't added yet.
  10. Select Material Options, if applicable. 
  11. Save and Continue.
  12. Your estimate is complete! Submit it for review when you're ready to move forward. We’ll take a look at your plan and your estimate and make sure you have all the parts you need for your project. Or, move to cart and order immediately.
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