If you live in the Denver metro area, shipping costs are around $150-$200 per order. If you choose to pick up your order from our Denver showroom, you only pay for handling and all shipping costs are waived.

If you live in the continental US and would like your order shipped, pricing is determined by a number of factors, including order size and location. Two orders of identical weights going to the same location can even have different shipping costs. For example, an order with many small pieces will be less expensive than shipping an order comprised of fewer, bigger panels.

Distance also plays a role - for example, shipping your order in-state will be less expensive than shipping to Canada. It’s important to note some metro areas with high traffic volume have shipping surcharges added, like Chicago or New York City. 

No two orders are alike. Once your order is finalized, we'll be able to give you a quote for shipping your order.

To give you an idea of average shipping costs, we broke down our 100 most recent out-of-state orders by number of parts. Here are the average shipping and handling costs for each group:

0-20 Parts: $100-$300 average
21-40 Parts: $250-$400 average
41-60 Parts: $300-$500 average
61+ Parts: $400-$650+ average 

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