Sometimes, your project requires a custom part or two. To find out how much it'll cost, you need to know the material and the dimensions of the part.

  1. In our online estimator, when you're inputing all the parts you need for your project, select Custom Part from the Part Name dropdown. 
  2. Select Part Type.
  3. Enter in the exact dimensions (width and height) of your part. It will be 3/4" thick. Please note the smallest width we can edge band is 4.5", and the tallest height we can produce is 95". You are responsible for providing all dimensions for custom parts, so measure twice.
  4. Optional: Add notes for our or your reference.
  5. Add the part.
  6. Select Save or Save and Continue. Once you save all your parts, we'll get a notification that you've entered a custom part. 
  7. We'll calculate the price and add it to your estimate. You'll get an email when your custom parts have been priced.
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